Good Vibe Vials

Good Vibe Vials

All Vials Made with Love by Bree!

Passion & Creativity: Hibiscus Flower and Rose Quartz, CLears Blocks in the lower chakras and relaxs pent up creative forces. Stimulates sexuality and passion.

Sinshine in a Bottle: Feel the warmth of this combination of amber and calendula petals. They are sure to lift depression and promote self-confidence & creativity; just as the beauty of the rising sun does.

Grounding & Protection: This is a powerful combination of amber, frankincense resin, palo santo shavings, and cedar powder from an old tree. The ancient grounding energy will bring stability  and protecting energies.

Relaxing Calm: Amethyst, chamomile Flower. This combo of healing crystals will keep your mind and ease promoting relaxation.

Feminine Balance: Red aventurine, hibiscus flowers will align feminine energies and reproductive health. Activate the root and sacral chakras to bring grounding and passion.

Peace & Calm: blue lace agate with chamomile flowers will soothe and nurture you, bringing calmness and peace of mind. Emotional healing will occur while your ability to communicate from your higher self increases. 

Joy: Peridot and red rose petals are sure to open your heart chakra to joyus new relationships. This combo will hel reduce stresss and enhance c onfidence and motivation.

Transformation: Tanzanite and mugwort will aid in developing your psychic powers. Accelerate your spiritual growth by activationg your heart chakra that link w your third eye and throat. Your perception of the world will completely change. 

Positivity and Protection: Blue kyanite dispels negativity and never needs to be cleanesed. It will help maintain balance in all your chakras. It is a powerful tool for increasing intuition and your ability to communicate all all levels.

Prosperity and Abundance: citrine and chamomile flower. Manifest prosperity and abundance with these stones around your neck wherever you go!

Warn Hug: Together unakite and rose petals will embrace you like a warm hug. Your spirits will lift and you gently in the presense of this vial. Feel your heart open completely to the warmth of the sun.



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