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The Store

Since I was 18 years old, I wanted a consignment clothing store named "Bree's Way"...pretty sure an old co-worker, Jeff Jones, helped come up with the name. After a lifetime of working retail jobs, this dream has finally come to fruition. I have worked retail jobs since I was 16 years 34 years later, finally I have my own shop!!! I was the store manager for Jambo World Crafts in Eugene, OR for the last 10 years and Carol finally decided to part with the store and let me purchase it! I appreciate the vast selection of items in the store and maintain all the products regular customers love. I aspire to create a community space where artisans can sell their clothing, jewelry, etc... Please help spread the word and come to the store to support a local family!

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The Owner - Bree Crane

On my last day of my year long apprenticeship in cross cultural shamanism, this is what I sent into the ether:

"I am a beacon of light, inspiring others to shine their own light, so that soon the world will be filled with love and light."

  I have been on a spiritual path for the last 31 years (in reality my whole life, but consciously 31 years). It would take a book to write about all of the magic I have experienced through my lifetime. I have been in tune with nature and the animals that bring messages to my life daily. I have delved into yoga and self realization. I have gone to college and sunk my brain into books about Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce. I have studied my own dreams and now look at my waking life as a dream, following the archaic symbolism like a scavenger hunt.  I took art classes and psychology classes, I wanted to be a teacher and a psychologist (but was always turned off by the systems set in place).  People have always been drawn to releasing their most intimate worries and frustrations to me. I have always been able to feel other's emotions as if they were my own. I have always seen the best in others and have always wanted to find a way to put a mirror in front of them to see what I see. Now in my late 40s, I have found a way to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. I have also realized why I always worked retail with the public. It has given me years of hands on experience with millions of individuals with an array of situations. It has taught me about my self and how I relate to the rest of humanity. I have found a way to inspire others to look within and let go of the thoughts and patterns that no longer serve them. Each person I work with also helps me to stay grounded and focused on doing the same for myself. Life is magical and we create our reality. Thoughts are things and we need to collectively be positive and show unconditional love for ourselves. In turn we will also be able to do the same for others. It is my goal through journey work, dream counseling and chakra tune ups to guide everyone within to their true self. I want to put the power back into the hands of each individual and direct them into re-membering their spirit self. It's time we all wake up and take our power back. We are all one, made out of the same source of energy. No matter what path we take, we all need to raise our vibrations and do everything with integrity and unconditional love. This will change our planet. This will impact our lives forever! We've got this! Let's love ourselves and each other unconditionally, no matter color, religion, sex, or beliefs. Let us live and let live for the good of all. Let us be the best we can be! May it be so! 

With Love, Bree 

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